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Bullying Prevention Plan

August 25, 2008

USD 115
Nemaha Central Schools
Bullying Prevention Plan


The USD 115, Nemaha Central Schools, Bullying Prevention Plan is designed to comply with K.S.A. 2007, 72-8205, 72-8256 and 72-8256 (a). This law requires school districts in Kansas to have a plan in place by January 1, 2008, that addresses the first three parts as listed below. During the 2008 Kansas Legislative Session part four was added by law.

  1. A bullying prevention policy adopted by the Board of Education.
  2. A plan to offer staff education on bullying.
  3. A plan to provide student education on bullying.
  4. A policy and plan to address cyberbullying.

BOARD OF EDUCATION POLICY (policy JDDC adopted on August 29, 2007; updated on July 21, 2008; policy GAAE adopted on July 21, 2008; see EDC, GAAD, and JDD)

The Board of Education prohibits bullying in any form, including electronic means, on or while using school property, in a school vehicle or at a school-sponsored activity or event. The administration shall propose, and the board shall review and approve a plan to address bullying on school property, in a school vehicle or at a school-sponsored activity or event.

The plan shall include provisions for the training and education of staff members and students and shall include appropriate community involvement as approved by the Board of Education. Students or staff members who have bullied others in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and expulsion. If appropriate, students or staff members who violate the bullying prohibition shall be reported to local law enforcement.

As used in this policy, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Bullying" means: (A) Any intentional gesture or any intentional written, verbal, electronic, or physical act or threat that is sufficiently severe, persistent pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student or staff member that a reasonable person, under the circumstances, knows or should know will have the effect of:

  1. harming a student or staff member, whether physically or mentally;
  2. damaging a student's or staff member's property;
  3. placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of harm to the student or staff member; or
  4. placing a student or staff member in reasonable fear of damage to the student's or staff member's property; or

            (B) cyberbullying, or

            (C) any other form of intimidation or harassment prohibited by any policy of the USD 442.

(2) "Cyberbullying" means bullying by use of any electronic communication device through means including, but not limited to, e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging, blogs, mobile phones, pagers, online games and web sites.

(3) "School vehicle" means any school bus, school van, other school vehicle and private vehicle used to transport students or staff members to and from school or any school-sponsored activity or event.


Staff development on bullying prevention will be an ongoing effort. Administrative and counseling staff has participated in workshops during August and September of 2007 on the topic. In-services are planned during the fall of 2008 to assist staff in identifying bullying and to learn what they can do to address bullying. USD 115 is a member of the Bullying Prevention Consortium of the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center and as such is provided the support and services necessary to fully comply with state law and board policies.


Student education will be based upon a bullying survey that is given to students in grades 3 to 8 as needed. At the high school level the Kansas Communities That Cares Survey will be used. These surveys will help identify the prevalence of bullying at school; the types of bullying that students are using or being subjected to; and the grade levels at which the bullying is occurring.

With students a curriculum entitled, "Too Good For Violence" will be used within the K - 8 classrooms. This 8 part program will be coordinated by the school counselor.

If needed a consultant will be brought in to work with groups of students on bullying prevention. In 2003, Nemaha Central Junior High students and staff worked with Dr. Pat Neufeld of Emporia State University on bullying issues. In December of 2007, Bill Cordes appeared at Nemaha Central High Schools to address bullying issues with junior high and high school students.

Adopted by U.S.D. 115 Board of Education on November 12, 2007 and as revised adopted on July 21, 2008

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