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NCMS Track Team Dominates at Horton

By: Ryan Lueger and Kurtis Beck

April 23, 2018

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The make-up track meet at Horton took place on Monday, April 16 and the Nemaha Central Middle School track team was in attendance. The schools that were at the meet were  NC, Doniphan West, Jackson Heights, Jefferson County North, and St. Benedict Catholic School. The 7th grade girls, 7th grade boys, and the 8th grade boys all claimed first place. The 8th grade girls fell 1 point shy of first place to Jefferson County North.  The 7th grade girls had 119.5 points, the 7th grade boys had 122 points, the 8th grade girls had 114 points, and the 8th grade boys had 143 points.  Overall, it was a great trackmeet for the NC squad.


8th Grade Boys:

75M Hurdles - 1st Sam McWilliams 12.25, 2nd Slade Uselton 13.52, and 4th Messiayah Nolte 16.13

100M Dash - 2nd Sam McWilliams 12.85, 5th Mo Hilbert 13.84, 6th Ryan Lueger 14.27

200M Dash - 1st Blake Korber 27.22, 5th Jacob Heinen 32.45, 6th Kaleb Reitz 32.60

400M Dash - 2nd Blake Korber 1:06.09 and 6th Messiayah Nolte 1:13.69

800M Run - 4th Marcus Beck 2:46.67 and 5th Kolby Koch 2:51.54

3200M Run - 2nd Israel Padilla 15:21.00

4x100M Relay - 1st Kurtis Beck, Marcus Beck, Slade Uselton, and Blake Korber 54.69

4x200M Relay - 1st Kurtis Beck, Mo Hilbert, Slade Uselton, and Sam McWilliams 1:55.41

Medley Relay - 2nd Messiayah Nolte, Kurtis Beck, Mo Hilbert, and Marcus Beck 2:08.53

Discus - 3rd Ryan Lueger 111’9”

Shot Put  - 3rd Ryan Lueger 38’3”

High Jump - 4th Marcus Beck 5’0" and 5th Kolby Koch 4’6”

Long Jump - 2nd Blake Korber 16’5” and Slade Uselton 14’7”

Triple Jump - 1st Sam McWilliams 37’3” and 4th Mo Hilbert 32’3”

Messiayah Notle said, "I thought it was a pretty good meet, and I had a lot of fun."


8th Grade Girls:

75M Hurdles 1st Taryn Ganstrom 13.57 and 2nd Nadia Padilla 13.96

100M Dash - 2nd Nadia Padilla 14.61

400M Dash - 1st Taryn Ganstrom 1:09

800M Run - 1st Taryn Ganstrom 2:50.75

1600M Run - 1st Taryn Ganstrom 6:37.00

4x100M Relay - 3rd Katelynn Scott, Katelyn Ohlsen, Mia Schmitz, and Rachel Schmitz 1:09.07

4x200M Relay - 1st Nadia Padilla, Katelyn Ohlsen, Rachel Schmitz, and Savannah Engelken 2:09.53

Medley Relay - 2nd Taryn Bergman, Nadia Padilla, Rachel Schmitz, and Savannah Engelken 2:16.97

Discus - 6th Katelyn Ohlsen 60’3”

Shot Put - 2nd Katelyn Ohlsen 28’9”, 5th Katelynn Scott 24’8”, and 6th Taryn Bergman 24’4”

High Jump - 5th Amber Blume 4’0"

Long Jump - 1st Savannah Engelken 12’8”

Triple Jump - 1st Savannah Engelken 29’5”


7th Grade Boys:

75M Hurdles - 3rd Jaden Thomas 14.50

100M Dash - 6th Isaac Lueger 15.21

200M Dash - 2nd Blake Stallbaumer 31.07 and 6th Chase Korber 33.60

400M Dash - 2nd Jaden Thomas 1:08.81

800M Run - 5th Jack Holthaus 3:07.38 and Cayden Edelman 3:13.72

1600M Run - 1st Korbin Macke 6:10.07 and 6th Brandon Rodgers 7:13.35

3200M Run - 2nd Chase Korber 14:04.00

4x100M Relay - 1st Kace Kramer, Isaac Lueger, Cooper Hajek, and Blake Stallbaumer 1:00.10

4x200M Relay - 1st Kace Kramer, Cooper Hajek, Jack Holthaus, and Korbin Macke 2:08.65

Medley Relay - 1st Kace Kramer, Isaac Lueger, Korbin Macke, and Jaden Thomas 2:11.41

Discus - 1st Blake Stallbaumer 100’0"

Shot Put - 4th Blake Stallbaumer 28’1”

High Jump - 2nd Jaden Thomas 4’4”

Long Jump - 3rd Cooper Hajek 12’7”

Triple Jump - 2nd Korbin Macke 28’1.5”, 3rd Isaac Lueger 28’1”, and 4th Kace Kramer 27’6”


7th Grade Girls:

75M Hurdles - 1st Addy Holthaus 15.69, 3rd Lilly Schultejans 16.50, and 5th Emilie Strahm 16.63

100M Dash - 3rd Ellie Rusche 14.76

200M Dash - 3rd Ellie Rusche 31.71

400M Dash - 2nd Ellie Rusche 1:15.41

800M Run - 2nd Ella Larkin 3:03.97 and 3rd Addy Holthaus 3:07.42

1600M Run - 2nd Addy Holthaus 6:50.80

3200M Run - 2nd Jillian Stueve 16:28.00

4x100M Relay - 4th Lacie Young, Gracyn Lierz, Lilly Schultejans, and Emilie Strahm 1:04.88

4x200M Relay - 3rd Lilly Schultejans, Ella Larkin, Keirsten Huerter, and Jillian Stueve 2:16.68

Medley Relay - 3rd Lacie Young, Gracyn Lierz, Keirsten Huerter, and Ella Larkin 2:19.84

Discus - 1st Ella Larkin 68’11”

Shot Put - 4th Lacie Young 25’10”

High Jump - 3rd Emilie Strahm 4’0", 4th Lacie Young 3’10”, and 6th Jillian Stueve 3’8”

Triple Jump - 3rd Ellie Rusche 27’9” and 4th Lilly Schultejans 26’5”

"The track was not the greatest, but we all did well," stated Ella Larkin.


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