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NCMS Track Team Brings Home Three First Places

By: Brenden Bearce and Taryn Ganstrom

May 02, 2018

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On Thursday, April 25, the Nemaha Central track team attended the track meet at Onaga. The teams that participated in the Onaga meet were: Hiawatha, Saints Peter and Paul, Jackson Heights, Onaga, Wetmore, and Nemaha Central. Nemaha Central 7th grade girls got first with a total of 163 points, 8th grade girls got first with a total of 125 points, 7th grade boys got third with 94 points, and 8th grade boys got first with a total of 142 points. The results of the meet were:


8th Grade Boys:

100 Meter Hurdles- 3rd: Samuel McWilliams (16.10)

100 Meter Dash- 1st: Blake Korber (12.33), 3rd: Mo Hilbert (13.39)

200 Meter Dash- 1st: Blake Korber (26.16), 4th: Ryan Lueger (30.43)

400 Meter Dash- 3rd: Blake Korber (59.98)

800 Meter Run- 3rd: Messiayah Nolte (2:39.06), 4th: Marcus Beck (2:39.38)

3200 Meter Run- 4th: Israel Padilla (14:23.03)

4x100 Meter Relay- 2nd: Marcus Beck, Slade Uselton, Kurtis Beck, Samuel McWilliams (55.33)

4x200 Meter Relay- 2nd: Kurtis Beck, Mo Hilbert, Slade Uselton, Samuel McWilliams (1:54.86)

800 Meter Medley Relay- 3rd: Kurtis Beck, Messiayah Nolte, Mo Hilbert, Marcus Beck (2:05.73)

Discus- 3rd: Ryan Lueger (107’8”), 5th: Kaleb Reitz (100’3”)

Shot Put- 2nd: Ryan Lueger (37’10”), 3rd: Kaleb Reitz (33’10”)

Pole Vault- 1st: Messiayah Nolte (7’6”)

High Jump- 2nd: Marcus Beck (5’4”), 4th: Kurtis Beck (5’4”)

Long Jump- 2nd: Blake Korber (15’11”), 6th: Slade Uselton (14’3”)

Triple Jump- 1st: Samuel McWilliams (36’5”), 6th: Mo Hilbert (31’6”)


8th Grade Girls:

100 Meter Hurdles- 1st: Taryn Ganstrom (17.43), 2nd: Nadia Padilla (18.08)

100 Meter Dash- 1st: Nadia Padilla (13.98)

200 Meter Dash- 1st: Nadia Padilla (29.66)

400 Meter Dash- 1st: Taryn Ganstrom (1:04.37)

800 Meter Run- 1st: Taryn Ganstrom (2:41.08)

1600 Meter Run- 1st: Taryn Ganstrom (6:41.19)

4x100 Meter Relay- 6th: Katelynn Scott, Taryn Bergman, Amber Blume, Rachel Schmitz (1:04.47)

4x200 Meter Relay- 2nd: Nadia Padilla, Katelyn Ohlsen, Rachel Schmitz, Savannah Engelken (2:03.93)

800 Meter Medley Relay- 2nd: Rachel Schmitz, Taryn Bergman, Katelyn Ohlsen, Savannah Engelken (2:18.44)

Discus- 1st: Katelyn Ohlsen (78’9”), 4th:  Taryn Bergman (66'11")

Shot Put- 1st: Katelyn Ohlsen (30’11.5”)

High Jump- 5th: Amber Blume (4’0”)

Long Jump- 3rd: Savannah Engelken (12’1.5”)

Triple Jump- 2nd: Savannah Engelken (28’10”)


“I feel like we all did really good and placed well,” said Nadia Padilla.

7th Grade Boys:

100 Meter Hurdles- 3rd: Jaden Thomas (18.47)

100 Meter Dash- 3rd: Jaden Thomas (13.32)

200 Meter Dash- 3rd: Blake Stallbaumer (30.23)

1600 Meter Run- 4th: Korbin Macke (6:06.66)

4x100 Meter Relay- 3rd: Kace Kramer, Isaac Lueger, Cooper Hajek, Blake Stallbaumer (57.97)

4x200 Meter Relay- 2nd: Kace Kramer, Cooper Hajek, Jack Holthaus, Korbin Macke (2:04.99)

800 Meter Medley Relay- 1st: Kace Kramer, Isaac Lueger, Jaden Thomas, Korbin Macke (2:10.22)

Discus- 1st: Blake Stallbaumer (124’3”)

Shot Put- 3rd: Blake Stallbaumer (26’10”), 6th: Cooper Hajek (25’5”)

Pole Vault- 1st: Brandon Rogers (6’0”), 2nd: Colby Schmelzle (5’6”)

High Jump- 4th: Jaden Thomas (4’0”)

Long Jump- 5th: Isaac Lueger (13’2.5”)

Triple Jump- 4th: Korbin Macke (29’10”), 5th: Isaac Lueger (29’10”), 6th: Kace Kramer (29’7”)


“I think that my team did really good and I had a lot of fun,” said Chase Korber.


7th Grade Girls:

100 Meter Hurdles- 2nd: Addy Holthaus (19.44), 3rd: Keirsten Huerter (19.79)

100 Meter Dash- 5th: Elli Rusche (14.44)

200 Meter Dash- 3rd: Elli Rusche (31.38)

400 Meter Dash- 1st: Elli Rusche (1:09.40), 6th: Camryn Kaster (1:20.40)

800 Meter Run- 2nd: Ella Larkin (2:49.49), 3rd: Addy Holthaus (2:56.39)

1600 Meter Run- 3rd: Addy Holthaus (6:43.17), 4th: Jillian Stueve (7:11.93)

4x100 Meter Relay- 3rd: Lacie Young, Gracyn Lierz, Lilly Schultejans, Emilie Strahm (1:02.14)

4x200 Meter Relay- 1st: Gracyn Lierz, Jillian Stueve, Keirsten Huerter, Emilie Strahm (2:10.78)

800 Meter Medley Relay- 1st: Lacie Young, Gracyn Lierz, Keirsten Huerter, Ella Larkin (2:18.48)

Discus- 1st: Ella Larkin (79’0”), 3rd: Keirston Saenz (64’4”)

Shot Put- 2nd: Lilly Schultejans (26’8.25”), 4th: Lacie Young (24’11.25”)

Pole Vault- 1st: Camryn Kaster (7’0”), 2nd: Jillian Stueve (6’6”)

High Jump- 4th: Emilie Strahm (3’8”)

Long Jump- 2nd: Ella Larkin (12’10”), 5th: Keirsten Huerter (11’7.5”)

Triple Jump- 3rd: Elli Rusche (27’3.75”), 4th: Lilly Schultejans (26’6”), 5th: Addy Holthaus (26’5.25”)


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