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NCMS Hosted a Scholars' Bowl Meet

By: Owen Carpenter and Jack Holthaus

March 09, 2019

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    On March 4, Holton, Hiawatha, Jeff West, and Nemaha Central students competed at a Scholars' Bowl meet at Nemaha Central Middle School. The order in which the teams participated were as follows: 8th-grade pool play, 7th-grade pool play, 8th-grade tournament, and 7th-grade tournament.

    The NC 8th-grade A-team started off against the Holton A-team. After buzzing the buzzers and answering the questions, the score ended up being 65-35. The NC 8th-grade A-team’s first round was a success. The Thunder 8th grade A-team carried that victorious win into the second round, with a score of 40-30 against the 8th grade Jeff West A-team. For the final round, the NC 8th grade A-team wasn’t so lucky. They lost against the Hiawatha 8th-grade A-team with a score of 50-90. In the semi-finals, the NC A-team was very successful in their first round against their classmates of the NC B-Team, with a score of 90-10. In the championship round, NC lost with a score of 40-80 to Hiawatha again. They still did really well and the NC 8th grade A-team earned 2nd place.

    “It was really fun and a good experience,” said Cooper Hajek.

    The NC 8th-grade B-team participated in pool play with the same schools as the A-team. The NC eighth grade B-Team did absolutely fantastic in all their games during pool play. They first went up against the eighth grade Holton B-team and got a win with a score of 50-45. A very close match. In the second round that took place during pool play, the NC eighth grade B-team got another win with a score of 50-30 against the B-team from Jeff West. The final round of pool play was NC against the Hiawatha eighth grade B-team. Nemaha Central got their final win in pool play, with a score of 60-50. It was a clean sweep for the eighth-grade B-team. In the first round of the semi-finals, the NC team lost 10-90 against the NC A-team. However, they made a comeback in the consolation round, when they came out victorious with a score of 80-30 against the B-team from Holton.

    The NC 7th grade started off strong in a match against the seventh grade Holton A-team. The score was an amazing 80-0 with an NC victory. The Nemaha Central 7th-grade A-team was doing absolutely great so far. They weren't as lucky for the other two rounds. Against Jeff West, the 7th-grade A-Team lost with a score of 30-40. It was extremely close. Against the Hiawatha 7th grade A-team, the score was 40-70 for their second loss in pool play. The 7th-grade A-team ended up 2nd in their pool due to a mix up of teams and a tie-breaker question,  therefore, they still had a chance to win the tournament. For the semi-finals, the first round was a loss with a score of 10-60 against the Jeff West B-team. The NC team recovered to win during the next round of play. The final score against the Hiawatha A-team was 70-30 for a win and 3rd place.

    “We could have buzzed a little bit earlier, but we still did really well,” said seventh-grader Joe Korber.

    The NC 7th-grade B-team started off pool play with a loss against the Holton seventh grade B-Team. The score was 5-65. In the second round of pool play, the NC team played against the Jeff West seventh grade B-Team. This time, NC came out with a win of 50-20. In the last round of pool play, NC wasn't so lucky. NC lost against the Hiawatha seventh grade B-Team with a score of 25-90. In the semi-final rounds for the NC seventh grade B-Team, they got a clean sweep against the other teams. The first semi-final round ended with a score of 60-20 against the Jeff West A-team, and the final round was a 50-30 win over Hiawatha's B-team. The 7th-grade B-team ended the tournament in 5th place.

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